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Photo by Alexander Jawfox on Unsplash

It seems that the majority of all photographers when taking photos of a dress, would have it on a person. Taking photos of just the dress seems really boring. In fact, I was looking for photos of “dresses” and someone had actually submitted a photo of a dress on a hanger. BLAH !! So, if you want to take photos of a dress, please get someone to model it for you. Then you are taking photos of a model instead, with a dress.

1- In taking a photo of a dress, and on the girl, think “vertical”. You will get the dress in it’s long form without wrinkles, and you can see the whole dress as well. If the model was sitting, you would not see the proper length of the dress.

I’ll bet someone in this world, upon viewing this photo above, is saying: “oh that is such a cute dress!” This is a fun picture of the models finding something to do with their hands as well, so you can see the whole dress. Hand placement is also essential in taking photos of girls in dresses:

As I was looking for a great photo of the girl and her hand placement, I came across this photo. There were 3 different wedding photos taken by 3 different photographers, and every one had the girl put her hand in this same place. Seeing the side of the hand is much more pleasing than seeing the back or the front of the hand.

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Photo by Agelesspix on Unsplash

Sometimes it will be important to see the back of the dress. When you pose the girl, make sure you don’t have her standing with her back facing you, to the side, like the above photo is much more pleasing. It looks like a professionally posed photo, and it will win your client over big time.

Just a few more photos of good dress photos:


The photos above were designed to show the dress, and not the model. Shooting pictures of models is a whole different game. When you are taking photos of dresses, however, some of these poses done by models, show the dress off in the proper way. In other words, stick to just a few basic poses if you are trying to take a picture of the dress.


men s white button up dress shirt
Photo by Helena Lopes on

Today’s topic from the list of 50 subjects is: Taking pictures of things that make you laugh! As I thought about this and did some study from other bloggers, it seems there isn’t a lot of tips on this. Other than: the only way you will catch images of something that makes you laugh is to have your camera with you, and ready to snap the picture. This will be such a spur of the moment to capture these things.

Cute animals doing funny things: 13 of the best pictures from the inaugural  Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards | HeraldScotland
Funny photo of Chipmunk with it’s cheeks full of nuts.

When taking photos of things that make you laugh, think about what you are doing or who you are with that would make you laugh. Often times if you have small children, you can usually plan that they will say something funny or do something funny. So, they won’t redo their funny thing, so you just have to have your camera ready.

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Photo by Henley Design Studio on Unsplash

The other thing that would maybe make you laugh would be to see an animal doing something crazy. Our dog, for example, gets the “zoomies” and runs around like a crazy animal. Getting a picture of that would be funny. Here is another example:

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Photo by Daria Shatova on Unsplash

A photographer who loves capturing things that make them laugh, will always have their camera ready. You can see that these type of photos are priceless.


trees near body of water
Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on

Taking photos with reflections is one of my favorite things to do. All you need is…….. Reflections. You don’t usually create them, they just happen to be there. You could create some, but, would that be artificial? Let’s take a look at some photos using reflections, and give you some good tips on how to take photos using reflections:

1- First, and most important: Find a reflection.
moon light reflection on sea
Photo by Madex Photography on

One of the most beautiful and popular reflection photos is that of the sun setting or moon setting on the horizon. The photo above is one that a lot of photographers have tried, and everyone will still love what you get from this. What I like even more is if the sunset is reflecting in your photo, like this:

two person on boat in body of water during golden hour
Photo by Johannes Plenio on

With the photo above, notice a few things that make this photo so good: A- the water is still. You can’t get that with the ocean. Do you know a lake that would do this for you? B- A perfect “negative space” photo added to this sunset makes it even better.

2- Another thing you can control with “reflections” pictures is: Adding a subject into the photo:

Uyuni Reflection
Ununi Salt flats

Notice that the person is actually is very shallow water to accomplish this. If you find a reflective pond, or lake like this, add a person to the photo like this. There is something special about the person being in the picture twice.

3- Get close to the surface of the water.

Some of the best photos you will take like this may be hard to do with a big DSLR. You really want to put that expensive camera within 1 inch of water? Well, try holding it still at 1 inch from the water. Some tripods however will let you mount the camera on the mounting pole in the middle, or let you reverse it. But, a cell phone camera may be the best option, or even better get a waterproof / weatherproof camera to do this work. But, look at the results:

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Photo by Marko Blazevic from Pexels

4- Try photos where the water is not still.

It still makes for a great photo. The reason I like to take photos is reflective waters that are not still is that it creates some serious action photos:

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Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

5- Take photos using “puddles”.

This is a bit more tricky, but, when it rains, or you have a bit of reflections of water on the road, or somewhere, try getting a few photos using the puddles. Here are a couple of great examples:

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Photo by Luka Reedy on Unsplash
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is serge-kutuzov-_LRSQHjAT_c-unsplash-819x1024.jpg
Photo by Serge Kutuzov on Unsplash

Hope that helps, and of course with this type of photography, one thing that will really help you learn about reflections, is to take a lot of photos. Practice makes for some great photos.


bare tree on grass field
Photo by SUNIL PATEL on

Taking a photo of a “tree” or a “leaf” can be fun. I think, in this list, when it says a “tree” or a “leaf”, that perhaps they mean: 1 tree, and 1 leaf, I’m not sure. So, looking at the photo above, the artist took a photo of just one tree, and you can tell it is the main subject, but, it is obvious, it is also alone, making it the highlight of the photo. Let’s work toward the tree or leaf being the main subject.

Typically when you see a photo of just a tree, it is in the scene as a “negative space” object. Such as this:

full moon on a daybreak
Photo by David Besh on

This tree, although mostly bare, is a great subject in this photo, especially because of the silhouette feature of this photo. I, too, have taken a photo like that:

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Photo by Lanny Cottrell for Smartphone Smart Photographer

This is one good way to take a photo of just One tree. At sunset time. I have seen some other great photos of just a single tree, but, during the day, and with emphasis on the tree:

green tree near green plants
Photo by mali maeder on

If your tree has something unique to it, then focus on that uniqueness. Like the photo above, we don’t see much of the tree at all, but that lichen on the tree makes for an interesting subject.

Now let’s take a look at taking photos of a leaf:

purple leaf
Photo by Pixabay on

Taking a photo of a leaf works a lot like taking a photo of a tree. If there is something unique about the leaf, then get in close and capture that uniqueness, even if you help create it. The other times that you see a lot of “leaf” pictures is in the fall, when the color is in the leaf:

brown leaf
Photo by hiwa talaei on

There is a lot of color in just a fall leaf. But, do you find that boring? How about we put some action to a leaf:

leaf floating on body of water
Photo by Cole Keister on

See if you can give some special background to a leaf, to make it more of an interesting photo.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is matt-collamer-IRBYrV76130-unsplash-1024x683.jpg
Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash ——– Was inspired to shoot this after seeing the contrast that this leaf created. It led me to the conclusion that we manifest all the good that comes into our lives. We light the way. We infuse all the beautiful colors into our reality.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is aaron-burden-tb4wis6XoQk-unsplash-1024x769.jpg
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash ——- I like this photo of this leaf because, it is obvious that it is still on the tree. This leaf is “alive”
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is omid-armin-khyHnsPO0pE-unsplash-683x1024.jpg
Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash


When taking a photo of either a tree or a leaf, look to add a little extra into the photo for background, but, don’t make it so busy that you lose sight of what the subject is. These kind of photos you see above, are the type of photos that will sell.


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people inside galleria vittorio emanuele ii shopping mall in italy
Photo by Tuur Tisseghem on

BEAUTIFUL ARCHITECTURE ! Just one of the 50 subjects of photography! When I first saw this subject, my first question that came to my mind was: “how do you classify beautiful architecture?” This could be really subjective. But, let’s take a look at some buildings and see if we can talk about these masterpieces of art – made into a building.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lance-anderson-QdAAasrZhdk-unsplash-1024x683.jpg
This building is the “rock and roll hall of fame building” Photo by Lance Anderson on Unsplash

When you want to take photos of beautiful buildings, I have found that generally there are two types of buildings that are classified as either modern or ancient. Interesting that there was so many good architects back in ancient time, and if you get a chance to take pictures of these ancient buildings, you will certainly fall in love with them too. The photo above is some beautiful architecture that we would classify as “modern architecture”. The buildings like this are all in very interesting designs, and part of the buildings are not a building at all, but, an extension of the building to get it’s interesting shapes.

If you have ever studied architecture before, if you choose to add a chunk of building off to the side, like the above photo, you know it has to be balanced within, or it won’t stand. And the other interesting thing about modern architecture is that the creator didn’t have any problem showing the beams, and poles, and ceilings within the building’s interior to create these buildings.

grey stairs in a building
Photo by Guillaume Meurice on

The building here above was designed to be efficient, but, you notice all the poles that hold up the stairs, the beams in the ceiling, and in this case, glass in the ceiling. Very modern effect. If you want to get good pictures of modern buildings, it is good for you to get photos of the building that has some strange or interesting character. For some reason, the architects of ancient time probably would have never dreamed of doing this. But, anciently, they used a lot of ornate decorations in the creations of their buildings. Like this:

This ancient architecture still had the interesting designs to the building: the rounded hallways, or beautiful stained glass windows, but, look at the carvings in the building to give it some story to the building.

One thing that will really work on architecture, either modern or classic, is see what you can do with light coming through the windows. This makes the building seem even more artistic, if you can get rays of light to work with the building.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is arpa-sarian-BvezUaK_Q4s-unsplash-683x1024.jpg
Photo by arpa sarian on Unsplash

Here are some good tips that I know will help in taking photos of beautiful buildings:

1- Take pictures of buildings in different weather. It’s amazing how good a building will look when it’s wet.

photo of lighted buildings during night time
Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on

2- Prioritize good lighting, whether it is outside or inside. Look at how nice the lighting on the Eiffel Tower looks when it’s all lit up:

low angle photo of eiffel tower
Photo by Flo Dahm on

3- Explore details of the building and get photos of that:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rodrigo-summer-dW_Pv0Lb4xo-unsplash-820x1024.jpg
Photo by Rodrigo Sümmer on Unsplash

4- Visit the site many times. A good photographer does his homework. Go several times, and walk through the building, walk around the building, look at different ways to take pictures of the building, both in and outside. You will be glad you did. And also, don’t objectify the building. If it seems to have one amazing structural detail, don’t take a photo of just that. A person seeing your photos of the building will want to see what it looks like all the way around, so they know what it looks like if they come to visit.

Here is a few more photos of beautiful buildings, and notice how the photo was taken:

canoe on body of water with pagoda background
Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on
residential cottage house with courtyard
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SL-Temple-golden-hour-1024x576.jpg
Photo of Salt Lake Temple during the Golden Hour. Photo taken by Lanny Cottrell Photography

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