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Another new blog site? Well, yes! And I want to explain why! Cell phones of today are becoming the main camera for a lot of photographers now. And, as a photographer myself, both with the bigger DSLR Camera and my cell phone, I have found that photography can be fun with whatever format you choose.

Now, being a photographer, and creating this website, my goal with these blogs is to :

  1. Spend some significant time in the art of “composition”
  2. Also, do some blogs and the best way to take pictures of your family and friends
  3. Keep everyone up to date with the latest smart phones that are available by all the manufactures (that changes a lot, so this could be my biggest challenge)
  4. Introduce a fun blog, once a week, to show some great photos from all those who read these blogs, and would like to share their amazing photos.
  5. Get smart phone users to the point, we can call you a photographer as well
  6. Help you to enjoy that smart phone because you have become an artist.
One of my own photos captured with my cell phone, as the sun sets in the valley, and produces amazing colors on all the mountains and clouds.

Please pass the word along as this could be a great website to go to, just for fun. I plan on making this a fun website, one that you will love to come to often.

Today’s tip:

  • When taking photos with your smart phone, determine if your photo will look better in the vertical position, or the horizontal position. That way you will Fill the frame of your photo:

This blog site doesn’t officially launch until August 16th. In the meantime, would you please help me make this the best blogsite possible, so I can contact you for questions and special offers, etc.