My Favorites

There are a few things that I really like to do when I take pictures. I thought I would share with you what I do.

What I do when I go take pictures :

When I take pictures I generally like to find things that are interesting that most people miss. While everyone is taking pictures of the scenery, I look around for things closer to me. This is a practice I work on, and it’s a practice of learning to “SEE” a photo.

Examples of items I took with my cell phone that most people miss:

Sometimes people will just walk by a flower thinking “that’s pretty”, not thinking they should take a picture of the flower.
Just taking the dog for a walk and saw this fence, with “leading lines”. This was taken at night and with my cell phone.
Another photo taken at night, and then edited to add this beautiful “bokeh” effect.

Why smartphonesmartphotographer.com is better than the other blog sites out there:

This blog site is very unique and I wanted to share with you why you should follow this website.

Winter at the botanical gardens.
  • Counting my 20+ years of photo retail experience, and the many other years of taking photos, there may be more experience about “how to take pictures” than any other web site.
  • I have a lot of experience with using a blog site and have been trained by masters of blog sites.
  • I continually practice photography too, continuing to learn more about photography.
  • I find it interesting to follow all the camera manufacturers and cell phone manufacturers to keep up with technology and pass that on with my blogs.
Photo taken of Mt. Watson, high Uintas, Utah

One thing that I want to do with this website, is to provide interaction between me and you. If you have any questions about photography or suggestions I will often post a question link for you to ask. Feel free to ask now if you like.

One thing that is nice about a newsletter is the ability to show you some other things that make photography fun through special sponsors. I have checked this out and found this to be really fun, legitimate, and a great way to learn more about your cell phone. Of course this costs a little bit, but, I found this to be a great value. At least click on the link and check it out:

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