Oh really? Another website, or blog site? Why, Yes, of course. But, this one is designed to be different. And I think you will enjoy being a part of this website!

Photo taken with a smart phone

Our Mission

My mission in this new website is to give the smart phone photographer a place to come to learn about the basics of photography, share their own experiences with photography, ask questions about what happened with their photos, and even a fun gallery that we will introduce on these blogs.

Our History

This website is a “subsidiary” of my other website: www.123photogo.com (if you want to check that out). I have been putting together that website for years now, and I found that many of the people that read from this website are cell phone photographers. And I thought: you all deserve a website to go to, of your own. And this is it.

I have been involved in photography for over 20 years and found that these websites needed people who know their cameras. So, I am glad you joined me.

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