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So, you are using your smartphone as your regular camera now, because it takes really good photos. Once you learn the basics of composition, it’s time to show off your skills. Don’t worry your phone photos can be great advertisement.

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If you haven’t learned this trick yet, you can take the photos that are in your gallery and display them on your phone as a “Wallpaper”. In fact, you can display them in 2 places on your phone and your friends and relatives will see these photos as well, every time you turn on your phone.


When you go to your “gallery” app on your phone, review your best photos. Once you have found your favorite photos, look for the 3 dots underneath the photo (android phones). Not sure if Apple Phones work the same way. Once you have clicked on the 3 dots, you will have a menu come up in front of the photo. Look for “SET AS WALLPAPER”. Once you have clicked on that, it will ask you if you want to set up the photo on your “HOME SCREEN”, or “LOCK SCREEN”. Choose which location you want the photo to go to. Once you have clicked on the location of your photo, a photo will appear to show you how it will look on your phone. Right below the photo, it will say: “Set on Lock Screen”, or “Set on Home screen”. Just click that, link below your photo, and you will have your beautiful photo show up on your phone every time you go to that page.

Now, when you are around people, they will see the amazing photos you have taken with your smart phone. And this is one way for people to recognize your talent as a photographer.

In the next few blogs, I will go over the ”RULES OF COMPOSITION” so you can learn to perfect your photography, and be proud of the photos you have on display.

Keep reading this blog, as we will go over the “rules of composition” so you can have the most incredible photos to show on your phone.

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