Your Smart Phone can even be more fun, if you have some of these accessories. Read on to see what there is!

Buying a smartphone is fun. New ways to communicate, new things you can do, new apps available, and yes, even amazing accessories are available. Sometimes we miss out on all the new cool and amazing accessories that will make your phone more enjoyable. Here are some great ideas to help you enjoy your phone more:


Not only should you get a phone case to protect your phone and the glass, but, there are some amazing options to cases. Like “Waterproof” cases for your phone. If you are an avid swimmer, or even a diver, then you can take your phone there as well. If you live in an area where there is a lot of rain, then this is something to consider.

There is a lot of variety, even in this kind of product. Check places like Amazon, or any large phone accessory retailer for the kind of case you want.


Now if you are thinking about the big expensive tripods that are available for the larger cameras that photographers use, think again. The Cell phone tripod manufactures are making them light, portable, easy to use, and easy to have available.

I have seen some very inexpensive tripods as low as $8.95 to $100. The one I use for my phone I paid only $16.95. And now I don’t have to do “selfies” like everyone else.


Technology on chargers is improving every year. If you are used to having all night to charge your phone, you are missing out. Phone chargers get faster every year. Can you imagine charging your phone is an hour?

Phone manufactures are improving their chargers all the time.

And if you are in to “wireless charging” then there are manufactures who specialize in this:


The manufactures of phones have been improving their glass on their phone for some time now. I know my cell phone has “Gorilla glass” as the front screen, and it is super durable. If you didn’t get one with your phone, then get one. It will protect your phone for a long time.

When picking a protective glass for your phone, make sure you pick one that feels like glass when it’s on. I have found some on the market that make it feel like Plastic wrap on your phone, and then it’s hard to move your finger across the screen when you want to use it.

I love my phone that connects to my watch via “blue Tooth”. That way it can ring when the phone rings, and you can even talk on your phone. I often will leave my phone in the house when I go out in the yard to work. I will have my watch on, and if I get a call, I can talk to my wrist watch.

With a watch, you can change the faces on it, keep track of your steps, see what the weather is going to be, etc. It has so much information on the watch itself. And it is so customizable. I can’t live without mine now.

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Our cell phone is so much a part of our life. Have more fun with it. Get those accessories that will improve your life. There are more accessories than what I have listed, so go check it out. Just do a search for “cell phone accessories” and see what fun things can improve your life.

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