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Are you one that has trouble sleeping? Are you familiar with “White Noise”? White noise is a noise that the brain finds it easy to put you to sleep. It is similar to the sound of a TV with no channel, and you turn it up, and you get this hissy sound. Or, it sounds like the sound of a constant waterfall.

There’s been a couple of issues that have made it hard to use for some people. You can get the sound of white noise on your phone, and just have it play all night, but, it usually means that you have the light of your phone on the whole time….. not a good idea if you want to sleep in the dark.

Why should you use white noise to sleep? According to University of Arizona Sleep and Health Research Program Director Michael Grandner, white noise is a sound that can mask other noises. So, it is the perfect way to “blanket sound” if you reside in a bustling town.

Here is some apps to help you:

Today, there are apps you can get for your smart phone to help you sleep better. The first one, if you just want white noise is on YouTube. Click on that link to find it and try it out. I found it should work fine, because it not only gives you white noise, it gives you a black screen. And it goes for 10 hours.

Atmosphere is a white noise app with a big library
An app you can get for your phone is : Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds – Rain and Sleep sounds.

I went to the “Play Store” and found that you have to be specific to get this app. There are a lot of apps titled “Atmosphere”. So, keep typing in Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds – Rain & Sleep Sounds.

Having more than 100 sounds that you can play simultaneously, it is nothing short of spectacular when creating a sleep-inducing “atmosphere”.

With Atmosphere, you get to listen to binaural noises, which are good if you are suffering from headaches and anxiety. There are also true-to-life sounds of nature, such as those of the ocean and birds. Add to the selection some unusual outdoor noises that surprisingly work, such as that of trains and cafes, and you can completely set the bedtime ambiance you want.

Like some smart music apps out there, Atmosphere can reduce your mobile device battery drainage. It does this through a timer that you can manually set, which automatically silences the app after it does its job.

Best of all, Atmosphere is free on mobile app stores. However, do note that the app displays ads at the bottom of your screen to support the developer.

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