photography of small blue and brown bird

Only a few people even really notice birds. As a photographer, I don’t think I noticed them much until I watched a bird feeder. I thought all small birds were “sparrows”. But, in reality, I noticed red ones, yellow ones, black and white ones. So, I got curious and started looking at books and birds that reside in my area. Then I found out I had sparrows, finches, buntings, and cockatiels. My world was open now to birds.

Then, I noticed how some of these birds are really beautiful. The small ones are very colorful but they do seem “hyper” they way they fly around, and move around. But, it was important for me to get a good picture of one of these birds. The real challenge is “how” to get a great photo, because they generally don’t let you come close to them.

three long beaked small birds perched on brown tree branch


When you want to get a good photo of birds, with your cell phone, you will need to use your “telephoto” lens on your camera. It is amazing how many cell phones have that now. I don’t know if you can get good bird photos without that. Unless you can talk to birds and let them get close.

I notice when I use my telephoto on my cell phone that it is strong enough that it shows every wiggle I have in my hands. It is a bit tricky to hold your camera still while using your telephoto lens. Practice taking lots of pictures and holding it still. Practice taking pictures of birds. Hopefully you will get a few good photos.

One more thing I might add to the list is *Patience. It takes work for the right pose from the bird, or if they fly away, just when you get ready to push the button, and then wait for them to come back. It is a bigger challenge than I thought, but, it seems so worth it.

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A photo I took of Mourning Doves, waiting their turn to the feeder.

One more thing to watch out for is the background, behind the bird(s). See the above photo how nice things look….. no background clutter. One worth hanging on the wall?

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