seashore during nighttime
Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

Taking pictures of the night sky with your cell phone is possible, but under only certain circumstances. Let’s go over those things today.

If you have one of the newer cell phone cameras, say within the last couple of years, you may be able to take photos of the night sky, even by hand- holding your phone, simply because of the newest technology in low light photography with cell phones. I have the Samsung S20UltraNote and I can get the most amazing photos anytime, and anyplace I want. And I am loving it. Here are just a few night photos I have taken recently:

Now, If you have tried it with your cell phone, to take pictures at night, and they didn’t turn out very good, you may need to try putting your phone on a tripod. Yes, they make a tripod for cell phones. I have one for my cell phone, as well as my regular camera. It is something you learn to have all the time.

Also, one thing to realize, especially taking pictures at night time with your cell phone, is that you will get a color cast of the type of lighting you have in your photo. Like this photo above, notice how yellow this looks. That is because the light puts out that type of color to the photo. Our eyes tend to accept that as ok, but, you really will notice the different types of light when you get several different types of light in the same photo.

Most cell phone cameras have an “edit” feature in their “gallery”. You can click on the photo and change that color cast if you find it really annoying. I find, however, if you take out one color, It has a tendency to take out a color you don’t want removed. So be aware of the difficulty of editing your photos.

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The perfect night photo. Be aware of what it takes to get this type of photo………Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash

This above photo can be done with your cell phone, if you have a cell phone that was designed to take night photos. There is certainly some limitations to cell phones. But, it’s worth a try.

You cannot get these type of photos while still in the city. The lights from the city will block the ability to get the sky dark enough to see all the stars. All good night photographers, will go far away out of the city to get their best night photos. Absolutely you want to get away from any interference from light that will destroy your night photos.

With the difficulty it is to take pictures at night time with a cell phone, I would like to see some photos taken by our readers at night time. Tell us what cell phone you have, and the details of how you took the photo. Send your photos to: photos@smartphonesmartphotographer.com

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