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Is that an ice cream cone that Batman has for his weapon? Toys are great things to take pictures of. Let’s take a look first at the reasons why you would even want to do that.

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1- Take pictures of toys to have as a memory with your child.

The children you have in your home, whether they be your own, your grandchildren, you nephew, the neighbor child, whoever, there is some real memories in them playing with certain toys. One of the first things to get pictures of, is them personally playing with their toys ( like the photo above). Those will be precious memories years from now. I can testify of that, because my boys have all grown up, and funny, we had a discussion the other day of their favorite toys.

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Photo by J U N E on Pexels.com

2- Take close-up photos of toys to use as decoration in the children’s room.

Nothing says “toys” or “toy room” like photos on the wall of some great toys. Now, here is the fun part of doing this: Depending on your cell phone, you may or may not be able to get close-ups of these toys. Do some experimenting with your cell phone to see what it’s capable of. If you can’t get close to the smaller toys (like those above), then pick the bigger toys. You can always find a way to do this, once you discover the toys they like. You should think about the toys your children love the most when you take photos to hang on the wall. They will love it forever.

3- Some toys are very elaborate and you should take photos of the child’s work.

Lego blocks are amazing. And some of these Lego creations take a long time to build them.

And some of these Lego creations are amazing and may come out as a collector item, if you and your child can keep it all together. So, take pictures of these amazing toys, for sure.

4- Track down some of your old toys, so you can show your children what you used to play with.

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Taking photos of old toys is interesting for your children to see what you used to play with. Time to go down memory lane with your children. If you still have your old toys, perhaps you can pass them on for your children to play with.


When photographing toys, make sure your “white balance” is working good. OR use natural daylight to use on your toys. Remember that the artificial lights in your home cast an orange color on everything. You don’t need to spend hours on your computer doing post production if you can get it right the first time.
Once again this is a test on how well you can do “close-up” photos. Get close to the subject so you can have it fill your frame. If you do it with your cell phone and you can’t get it close enough, maybe you will have to do some cropping to get your photos right.

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50 different photo subjects. Today’s subject was “TOYS”. You can see we are almost half way through the list. Just go back to past blogs to see the ones I have already done.

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