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50 Different subjects in photography, and I am going to do them all. Today’s subject: “How to take photos of the beach!” Here is the list again, so you can see the ones you may have missed as well as the future ones yet to happen.

The beach is something that everyone loves. The sound of the calming waters, the feel of the sand through your toes, the beautiful sunsets, the sunburn you get the first time. It is all just a special place in so many people. So, there is some special tips I would like to share with you about taking photos at the beach that will help you out to get great photos.

  • Make sure you focus on something, even if it’s way out there.
  • Use the “Golden Hour” to take your photos before sunset and after sunrise.
  • Bring an air blower, and a lens cleaning brush with you.
  • Look for objects or subjects to have in the photo other than just the sand and water.

Ok, let’s take a look at some of these ideas so you can see what we are talking about.

silhouette of a person on a swing
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Find something you can focus on. Take a look at the above photo, and notice that the person on the swing is very sharp. Also, look at the background, it is also in focus. If you can set your focus, with setting your aperture right (F16, F22, etc.) you can get it all in focus, but, if there is something in the foreground, focus on that. For some reason, the best beach photos have something other than the beach and the water. Find trees, people, boats out on the water, something that will “add” to the photo. For some reason, just plain water and sky is not that exciting to the viewer.

green grass during sunset
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Taking pictures during the “golden hour” will just give you a warm glow to the entire photo. It is so pleasing. And also, especially at the beach, you will get the warm colors that make things so perfect. Try this: take a photo of the beach around 12 noon, vs. in the evening, just before the sun goes down, and you may never take a photo again at noon.

The beach is a dirty place. It seems like you always find that your camera equipment gets dirty. Two pieces of equipment you should always have is: lens cleaning cloth.

Did you know they make tripods for your cell phone? Check Amazon or your favorite photo store to get one. Why? The beach is a windy place. It is wise to find something that will help in holding your phone still so you can get the perfect photo.

white row boat on body of water
Photo by Nuno Obey on

Find beaches that are not so crowded with people, and get some different types of photos. If you have a smart phone that has different lenses, you may be able to get you this kind of photo, and get you away from the waves. There are a lot of beautiful things to take pictures of at the beach. Go enjoy.

One last suggestion: If you are going to the beach to just take photos, then try to figure a way to get away from the crowds there. You will have a photo that other people will also enjoy. The one thing that can ruin a good photo, is a lot of people (unless that is the point of taking the photo).

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