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Definition of “Nostalgic” = feeling or inspiring nostalgia: such as. a : longing for or thinking fondly of a past time or condition!

This subject today requires some “digging in to the past”. Such as:

  • Places you’ve been
  • Things you have done
  • People you remember
  • Objects from a certain period of time
  • Good memories with friends
  • Finding things that bring back memories

One of the interesting things my wife and I like to do, is to go for a “photographic drive” to places unknown, old towns that are small, and the old buildings and places of old are still there, never to be torn down for a long time.

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And one this type of situation, for nostalgic sake, to make it look like I took a picture of this barn from it’s early years, we do it in a black and white photo:

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Part of the fun things you can do to take pictures of old buildings that are still currently standing is to reproduce them in monochromatic, sepia tone, or straight black and white. It will look like you took the picture around 100 years ago.

Looking at the list above of things that are nostalgic, one thing that is always fun to find, is cameras, old things you used to take pictures of. If you kept any old cameras, use your new camera and take pictures of your old equipment. People will be amazed at how far it has come, or not come:

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The most popular camera that Polaroid ever made: The “One Step” camera. Sold for $29.95 about 30 years ago. Take the picture, the photo comes out the front, and you get to watch it develop right before your eyes.
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A picture of the Pentax K1000 camera. Probably used by more students in their photography class than any other camera. This camera was totally manual, no automation at all. Just a good basic manual camera that took great pictures.

You know it’s fun to go down memory lane. If you went on short vacations up in the mountains, or out to the beach, what kind of photo would you take to bring back those memories?

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Get back to the places that brought you good memories if you can, take a picture of someone looking at the same things you used to do. Then reflecting on that person, seeing the same thing you used to do, will be a great photo for nostalgia.

Now, if you have a chance to get together with friends you grew up with, and have a photo of all of you now, how wonderful would that be?

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If you could ever go back to a place that you loved, but, it’s been a long time ago, what would you take pictures of? Probably the beach where you played, the park you used to go to, or the buildings around where you lived. Those are some photos to take again, now, that you are a photographer:

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Getting a picture of “Grandma and Grandpa” is something that will be nostalgic in just a few short years. Get the memories of your family.

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Nothing brings a sense of nostalgia than visiting places you would go to as a child. Take a picture of it so you can bring back memories of it whenever you want to think about your past.

All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt.

Susan Sontag

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