Just how good is your cell phone for photography? It might be better than you think. Here are a few photos I have taken with my cell phone that most people are surprised. I will give you tips on how to make sure your cell phone photos come out great:

One thing I do when I take a photo with my cell phone is ALWAYS, ALWAYS clean my lens on my phone first. The first reason you have your cell phone, is not to take pictures, but to make phone calls, and communicate with people. And you are always grabbing your phone and putting fingerprints all over the lenses. Make sure you clean your lens before you take any picture with your cell phone.

Night photo taken in a snowstorm. Yes, with my cell phone.
Another night photo taken with my Samsung Note Ultra 20
I think a winter photo is easy to do, but, you may need to adjust the final photo, so that you have white snow. Most cameras have editing devices so you can fix some of your photos to look right.
I know that my Samsung Note 20 takes amazing photos at night, I have taken a lot of photos at night. This one is in the fog, at night. Helps to have a camera that can do this so well.

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I have been a photographer for many years. Worked in retail selling cameras and accessories for over 20 years. Taught many photo classes, and have even been a judge in several county fairs. Now, I want to share photo instructions and entertainment with all other photographers around the world.

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