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One of the most exciting things you have available to you is this blog post. I have been trying to put up a different photo subject every single day. Just how many photo subjects can there be to learn about?

Here is a list that another website put together of 50 different subjects in photography. Does this apply to cell phone? Most of these do. And I am going to go through all of those that relate to cell phone photography. For example: The very first one on the list is “CLOUDS”. What can you do to learn about taking pictures of CLOUDS? That is what I am going to go through, and mixed in there will be information about new products coming out for cell phone, special photo subjects, not on this list. But, every day, you can learn something exciting to do with your cell phone….. STARTING TOMORROW !

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So, tomorrow, we will spend time on this blog about how to look for, and make good use of clouds in your photos.

If you want to suggest a topic that is not on the list, fill out the form below:


The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!

Ansel Adams

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