brown landscape under grey sky
Photo by Andy Vu on

Nature Photography is a very broad subject, but, let’s narrow it down for our use with cell phone photographers. When you say nature, what do you think of? Most people will think of:

  • Trees
  • Landscapes
  • Beaches
  • Insects
  • Birds
  • Stone Formations
  • Wildlife
  • ETC.

Let’s say you wanted to go for a walk and see “NATURE”. Well that means you could walk out into a forest, or, your nearby park. Someplace that nature is on display.

There are hundreds of nature photography subjects, and the selection of equipment or your smart phone, for a nature shoot comes down to subject behavior and the desired outcome of an image.

And as far as taking pictures in Nature, try to look at the subject and figure out, by trying different angles, which way would be unique, different, or something that could bring a new conversation about.

person walking between green forest trees
Photo by Luis del Río on

For example, you are out in the forest and think it’s a lovely forest, how would you take a photo that may spark some real interest. The photo above by Luis Del Rio is very interesting as he put a subject in the middle, taking a walk. You do not know who this is, and that is what makes this photo so good. Be Mysterious in your nature photos, and you will love your results more.

green leaf closeup photography
Photo by Gustavo Cruz on

If you want to specialize in something in nature, perhaps you could do “close-ups” of the things you find in nature. A leaf, for example, up close, is almost mesmerizing. Try insects, and see if that helps with your “Nature” collection:

close up photo of ladybug on leaf during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on

When I take pictures of insects, I try to take pictures of the pretty ones, the ones that are liked by humans as well. It seems that the spider, although fascinating, is not a photo that people like to see.

animal avian beak bird
Photo by Pixabay on

Birds in nature are sometimes hard to get a good photo with a smart phone, unless you have a telephoto lens on it. A photo with too much background for a bird is not interesting. So, get close enough to the bird so that the viewer can really see the texture of their feathers, by using a telephoto lens on your smartphone.

two brown trees
Photo by Johannes Plenio on

Out in Nature, you will obviously have a forest of trees to take a picture of. If you can find a single tree that has some interesting shape or beauty to it, then find a way by walking around it, to see what angle will make it look amazing. Like the photo above, sometimes just placing the sun on the edge of the tree can make a big difference.

If I take a picture in the forest, I try to find something within the forest that would make it interesting, like a bridge over a stream. This makes it even more interesting, and who knows, maybe you will find someone who will want to hang it on the wall.

landscape photography of trees on shoreline
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on

Beaches are very beautiful as a Nature subject. But, if you can get a photo of the beach without all the people, then go for that. Make sure you get the beach mostly in the frame, but, remember, that what makes a good beach photos is a good sky photo. Get those “blues” in there if you can.

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