The new style of photography: Minimalism

Minimalist photos are now becoming very popular. Let’s define Minimalism photos, or see what minimalism is:

Negative space draws more attention to the subject by simply isolating it. At the same time, negative space lets your photos breathe and also conveys a mood of solitude. When used correctly, negative space itself can be the subject of your photograph.

So, in other words, a lot of space, and the subject takes up such a small part of the photo. To the point that the space almost becomes the main subject. The pictures that you will see with this article will represent well, the minimalism of photography.

A beautiful minimalist photo: lots of background and small impact of the subject.


Get to a location where you can find plenty of open space or unobstructed sky. Locations like the beach, an open field, or a place where you can see hills work great.

Light and time of day:

The lighting and time of day dictate the mood conveyed by the negative space. For instance, during foggy conditions, the grey negative space will convey a moody feeling.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is negative-space-portraying-gloomy-mood.jpg

But, if you take a similar photo during the colorful hours of sunset or sunrise, the feeling will be more joyous.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is vibrant-negative-space.jpg
“Think about what type of light will reinforce the mood you want for your photos.”


The perspective from which you shoot plays a huge role in isolating your subjects. For instance, if you want to isolate your subjects with the sky as the backdrop, shooting from a lower perspective will help. Place your subjects on higher ground and shoot from below.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is shoot-from-a-low-perspective.jpg

Remember Composition rules for best effect:

I know rules are meant to be broken, but, I think that if you take a “minimalist” photo, try to put the subject in the “Thirds Quadrants” for a more pleasing effect.

The rule of thirds is good on minimalist photos

More examples:

Do you like “minimalist” photography? It is not hard to do even with a cell phone. If you have some photos you would like to share, see below:

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