9 Reasons Photography is a great hobby!

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Photography is something that can be real fun. Plus, you might take pictures because of memories, or to just capture major events in your life, time with a family member or a friend, the occasional selfie and snapshot.

Or you might have done a real good looking photo, artistic in nature (even accidently) and now you have an interest in Photography.

But, there are other reasons why photography is a great hobby. And I am going to explain the real benefits of being a photographer – with your smartphone.

1- Photography will help you record events and memories

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Photography is the best thing to record memories, and great family events. Think about where you might be in 10 or 20 years from now. Those happy memories will be something you can always look back on, and see the growth of your children, and even how much you have changed.

2- You can have fun with a camera (smartphone camera)

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Once you have taken a fun or funny picture with your camera, you will find it fun to do it some more. Is there a problem with having fun with your camera? Not at all. And think of the funny pictures you can share with your family or on social media.

3- Learning a new skill is good for the brain.

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Learning a skill will only exercise your brain. It will take some thinking, studying, practicing, to get good photos, and that alone is something that will improve your brain.

4- Photography will be good for your health and fitness

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If you choose to really get in to photography, you will find out that you will soon be bored at home, trying to create photos. You will find yourself wanting to get out, go for a hike or a walk to find your special photos. This, often, may end up climbing a mountain, and really get some good exercise.

5- You get to be creative

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As you start to look around, you will see that you can stretch your mind, and get creative in your photography. It seems that almost every photographer experiments with creativity. Just what can you do with your photography.

6- You will get to travel

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Traveling just goes hand in hand with photography. How can you go traveling without taking some amazing pictures. And if you have been practicing, and learning your photography skills, imagine how much better your photos will be when you travel this time.

If you don’t travel much, at least take some time to go a couple of hours away from home, to find something different to take pictures of. It seems that everyone can find a beautiful place to photograph a couple of hours from home.

7- You’ll meet lots of new people

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As you get out among people, you will find other photographers. You can get yourself acquainted with these people, ask them questions about their photography, and maybe make a friend or two.

The other thing that is fun, is to hook up with a photography group on Facebook. We have a group already established. If you would like to join a group of other photographers, just go to Facebook, and search for: 123Photogogroup and ask to join the group. There is a great variety of photographers, from pro to novice. But, we all find it fun.

8- You can become part of a community

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A photo club or organization is really a fun thing to do. Have you ever been part of a club? Everyone talking about the same thing, comparing their photos, setting goals, having competition, it’s just an amazing thing to do.

9- You can develop a style that is unique

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No matter your passion, you can explore it via photography in whatever creative way you want. When starting out, it pays to have an understanding of the basic guidelines for composition and light, but don’t let them limit you. Challenge them, break them, and see what happens. It might work, it might not, but either way, it will be a learning experience.

Eventually, you’ll start to approach the world in a way that is specific to you. That’s when you’ll have developed a style of your own (which is a wonderful feeling, by the way!).

There are many different types and styles of photography, and you can adapt whatever you do to your individual desires and needs. There is space for all different approaches, from the classic landscape, nature, wildlife, street, portrait, and sports styles, to all the different variations in between. So don’t feel like photography constrains you – instead, you shape it!

Photographic inspirational thought for the day:

To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It’s at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Here is some recent photos taken with my smartphone:

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