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When asked: Where is a good person who has “wisdom”? Often, it’s our elderly grandparents, parents, or friends. You know who I am talking about. If you can get with these people and sit down with them and ask them: “what have you learned about LIFE?” Give them time to tell their stories, then reflect on what you can learn from that story.

When photographing those blessed with wisdom, make sure you get everything on their face. The wrinkles, the light in their eyes, etc. It’s those things that tell a story.

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When taking a photo of the “wisdom” people, there are 2 thoughts here:

  1. If I can get most of the face, body, etc. in my viewfinder, I should do a vertical photo
  2. If I shoot the picture horizontally, I should get a photo of them deep in thought, with some of the frame to look into

Note the first 2 photos of this blog. They are horizontal. Normally, when shooting photo of people you would do it vertically. But, if you can pull this off, and have the person look off to the side, put space in front of their face, then it looks like they are looking in the past of all the things they have learned. It’s a powerful photo.

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It will mean a lot to them, and a lot to you, to capture photos of them engaged with young people. It is something you will all treasure.

Aim to capture individuals in their natural state, especially if it’s in a location where they shared a special moment with you.

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Quote of the day:

To consult the rules of composition before making a picture is a little like consulting the law of gravitation before going for a walk.

Edward Weston

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