green trees and rocky mountain
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A popular technique for landscapes, panoramic photography enlarges the viewpoint beyond the size of a camera lens. When you do a panoramic photo, it seems to eliminate a lot of the foreground and background and highlights the main subject.

The DSLR cameras and Mirrorless cameras, almost all of them have a “Panoramic” mode, and it works so amazing. And even on your cell phone, they have a “Panoramic” mode, and you will get results like that photo above.

I tried it not too long ago. I was in an area in my state, and thought the mountains and the scenery was perfect for such Panorama version.

Photo I took in Panorama mode to get a wider angle of the beautiful mountains.

In your DSLR camera, you usually put the camera in the panorama mode, and then, once you push the button, it asks you to slowly pan from one side to the next in order to get as wide as possible, wider than a wide angle, and then it will automatically produce the panorama. You do have to be careful as you do this that your horizon line stays the same, or this won’t work well. Concentrate, as you scan that you don’t move your camera up or down. I obviously don’t know every cell phone camera, but, mu Samsung Note 20ultra, just has a setting to push, and it will frame the photo for panorama shot, and it comes out great. Something to practice, I’m sure, but, once you get this, a framed photo of a panorama shot looks amazing in your home.

Here are just a few ideas of panorama photos and what style of photos you would do this on:

cityscape photography
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stonehenge under nimbostratus clouds
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body of water beside mountain during golden hour
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As you can see, comparing the 3 photos on display so far, that they can be a different size. The above photo is not as long and skinny as the others. Sometimes, a panorama photo is done in your cell phone or camera, and simply doing it by cropping it the way you want. That works too, if you want a panorama and have a display in mind.

So keep this in mind if you want to do a panorama. Also, vertical panorama is possible when trying to do a waterfall, a tall tree, or something like that. Be creative and enjoy this new series of photos to try.

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