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Even if you use your cell phone to go out and take photos, you may run into something totally unexpected. As a photographer, you need to figure out what to do so that you can still come out with successful images.

The photo at the top is one great example. This photographer, wanted to go out and get this beautiful scenery shot. It was raining. So, what do you do? Try taking photos in the rain? That’s possible. Or how about waiting a while for when the sun starts shining? And you get the photo with a rainbow in it. These are the things you try to learn as a photographer. Waiting usually brings some great rewards.

green pine trees covered with fogs under white sky during daytime
Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com

I think some of the best photos you will take are the ones that you didn’t plan on when going out for a photo shoot. Stormy? So! Take pictures of the storm, and look for the beauty of what that can do.

This North Carolina beach scene (opposite) was boring, but the light was nice.

Photographer Chris Tennant had this situation:

Some locations rely so completely on an interesting sky that if one never materializes it can be difficult to find a compelling landscape shot. Miles of unbroken beaches, for example, make many coastlines ideal for a relaxing vacation, but unless you find some drama above, they offer little in the way of compositional interest.

During one particular pre-dawn stroll on the Outer Banks in North Carolina, I hoped to capture the experience of a sunrise at the ocean. But with so little to work with, how? A lovely palette of colors dawned, but a static shot of the ocean and a cloudless sky would be dull and uninspired. Instead I took an abstract approach, I had a cell phone that I could hold the shutter down and take a long exposure. And then began to pan the camera horizontally during the exposure. What resulted were swaths of alternating colors of both cool and warm tones, which captured the essence of that morning on the beach.

man in gray shit sitting on rock boulder
Photo by Pelipoer Lara on Pexels.com


If you ever go out and take photos in the outdoors, and things are less than ideal, take a moment to look around and see if there is something that is still yet beautiful. Be creative and look around at opportunities to take photos. The professional photographer doesn’t always have perfect days. And yet, they seem to find a way to take creative photos even when the conditions aren’t ideal.

Here’s a few photos taken with my cell phone:

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