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Those who live in the northern part of the world, is getting ready to embrace bad weather again. The time when we all wish it was summer again. But, the photo opportunities that await the brave person that will dare to go out in the storms, are amazing.

Wait, is your cell phone, your smartphone weather proof? That is something that is always a good question, and I would say: It depends on how old it is. And what model it is. And does that manufacture say it is?

Now, I have a very expensive cell phone, and I totally expect that it is waterproof. Wait, what’s the difference between weatherproof, and waterproof? Yes, weatherproof is probably the better word. Look around your camera and see all the different holes and compartments on your phone. Do you think that if it fell into water, that it might not be so waterproof, as it enters your earphone connection. YIKES!! But, if your camera got splashed on, or you had it in the rain, it will probably be alright. You would have to see how brave you are.

Now, the next thing you have to watch out for, if you stand out in a rain or snow storm is: the lens on your camera. If it gets any water on the lens, it will be blurry. The water droplet will mess up your photo for sure. If you are taking photos in the rain, at least shelter your lens part with your hand. Also, if it got wet once, and you wiped it off on your clothes to get dry, check again that you didn’t just smear your lens.

But, what kind of great photos could you get in wet weather? Let’s see a few examples:


  • If you are with someone, bring an umbrella, and see if that extra person will hold the umbrella for you, over the phone, so you can take a good photo
  • If you are alone, and want to take a photo in the rain, then at least with one hand take the picture, the other hand becomes a shield over the lens
  • If you are going to do it often, check with Amazon, or someone for weather protection for smart phone cameras.
  • Take a picture with the rain on the lens and see if you like it. If not, clean the lens, and do it again, but shelter the lens this time.
  • I have seen someone put their cell phone in a clear plastic bag, then they didn’t have to worry about it getting wet. They just had to worry about the clarity through a wet plastic bag.
  • Even consider getting under a tree, against a house with eaves, something to protect your phone.


Some of the best photos you will ever see were taken in a storm. Not many photographers have taken this type of photography into consideration. You could be someone who has a niche in this type of photography. Let’s look at some amazing photos I was able to find that were taken in a storm:

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