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Saurav Sinha, Aug 23, 2019

Now you have discovered that your cell phone can take pretty good pictures, let’s take a look at the different types of light you work with during a day.

Photographers will usually take most of their photos during the “golden Hours”. The Golden Hours is the 1 hour before sunset, and 1 hour after sunrise. There are 2 reasons for this: 1- The light from the sun is somewhat of a “golden” tone to it and creates a warm pleasing color to everything you take photos of. And 2- the light from the sun creates a beautiful contrast as it shines diagonally at your subject:

Best Tips For Golden Hour Photography | Click Love Grow
Photo courtesy of “Click, Love, Grow” taken during the “Golden Hour”. Notice the beautiful warm light of the whole scene, not just the children. The golden hour provides a beautiful warm glow that is so pleasing.
Contest: 20 Winning Golden Hour Photos. Plus, A New Theme! - 500px
Photo courtesy of 500PX blog – Catching the diagonal lines created by the angle of the sun makes a wonderful scenery photo as well.
Golden Hour Photography: A Landscape Photographer's Guide | Nature TTL
Photo courtesy of Nature TTL – and notice the long shadows that is created during the Golden Hour. It not only gives a warm color tone, but, also, the shadows are long, and striking. Imagine taking this same photo during the middle of the day. It just would not be like this.

If you want to improve your photos, then think about the time of day you need to take your photos. During the “Golden Hour” will vastly improve all your photos.

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