Tips for today: Using the lenses built in to your phone:

close up phography of a grey iphone xi
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We were probably all really excited about the newest phones, that had 3 lenses in it. One normal lens, one telephoto and one wide angle. That means we could do things like the bigger cameras do. The bigger cameras have all these fancy lenses available, and you have two extra lenses now in your phone! What more do you need. Well, awareness more than anything.

First thing:

How To Clean Your Phone Safely | The Lab Electronic Repair | Warsaw, IN
Cleaning your lenses on your phone regularly will prevent blurry photos

Notice how the newer cameras lenses protrude somewhat from the cell phone body? The first time I saw that I was very concerned about 2 things: 1- they are more susceptible to breaking because they stick out more from the body. And 2- They are always going to be dirty.

One thing that I was impressed with, however, is that the manufactures (at least Samsung) are using a “Gorilla glass” to cover those lenses. And it’s rated extremely durable. Now I am at ease on that part. But, you still need to clean the lenses every time. I don’t know if I can stress that enough with cell phones, because our hands are always all over the lenses when we are not using the camera portion of the phone.

I automatically clean my lenses every time I take out my phone to take a picture. That would be a good practice for everyone to make that a habit.


Wide angle lens photo taken with Samsung Note 20Ultra 5G

I took this photo a couple of days ago with my cell phone. I decided to use the new “wide angle lens” that is built in to the phone. Do you see anything weird about this photo? I was surprised. Now, I can still see that this type of lens would work for distant landscapes, but, all the trees on the right were leaning towards the center, and the ones on the left were leaning towards the center. To do that, it has to be a real wide angle lens built in to that phone.


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