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Attention Cell Phone users! Have you ever found yourself without a camera, and missed the most amazing photo opp ever? Do you realize that you, as a smart phone photographer, will capture more photos of accidents, amazing stories, mad drivers, reunions of people, etc. than anyone else? Yes, you could become the next News Photographer if you follow just a few rules:

1- If you want to capture the unexpected photo, you need to have your cell phone ready to go. This will seem much easier than those photographers who have to carry their bigger cameras with them. YOU have your cell phone camera with you, and it’s most likely not hidden down in some bag. Is your phone ready to quickly take a picture? Can you turn your camera on immediately? That is what you need to be able to do.

red and yellow hatchback axa crash tests
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This type of photo is hard to get, because you would have to be ready when the accident occurred. But, if you had the opportunity, you could capture a photo that could be used for evidence. Always be prepared for this photo opportunity.

2- Don’t go in to shock when you see an accident happen, or when a loved one comes home from serving active duty, and you want to capture that moment when they reunite. Our feelings tend to take over when these type of things happen, and you totally miss the photo opportunity.

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3- Now, the one thing you have to be is “responsible”. If you could help someone, or take a photo, which would you do? It amazes me that I have actually seen a news photographer stand there and take someone’s photo while they were being assaulted. A good moral person would help out for sure. We are all part of a big human family. But, if you saw something happen and the person was being helped, then you could also be responsible by taking a photo of the person who is the subject. You then become the hero if you can stop that person from doing it again.

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4- If you want to be a serious photographer, and be one that helps people in this situation, then, make sure your battery is charged, and ready for anything. If you are one that uses your phone all day, and then when you are on your way home, you charge it again, you might just miss something important. Always have your phone charged to around 30% or more if you can. The newer cameras are longer lasting on one charge than ever before. If you are having troubles with your battery, then time for a new one.

5- One last thing: I have a photographer friend who is a professional wildlife photographer. Wildlife photography is truly an art. And you have to be ready at the spur of the moment to be able to grab the right camera, with the right lens, at the right time, to get the right photo. I have a photo of him as he goes out to take photos in the wild. Look at him and his equipment, and notice how he has several cameras equipped with a different lenses, and how he has them all ready to grab at any time. You want to become a professional wildlife photographer? Yeah, this is what you need to become.

I mention this only so you know how important it is to be ready to take a photo. If you want to get the most important photo of a lifetime, you do have to be ready, and your cell phone is usually more prepared than any other equipment.

For more of the work that this photographer does, go to his website:
See! This photo shows that the cell phone photographer was capturing what the DSLR photographer could not. (See note attached) ———– Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash ——– I took this photo at the Women’s March in Boston. I was shooting with my Nikon D750 with a 50mm prime lense which made catching the wider angles a bit tough. I looked up and could see the expanse of people through the screen of the persons phone above me and I had to grab it! Very Meta 🙂

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