Taking low light photos with your smartphone:

Photo by Vesky on Unsplash

Low light photography with your cell phone is a bit challenging. Some of the newer cell phones can shoot in low light better than a lot of pro cameras (though not as accurate). If this is something you would like to try, let’s go through a few steps just to get you acquainted with the “hows” of doing it right.

Now, as you look at the photos that will be presented in this blog, you will notice how “low light” photos seem to be a work of art. And that is where you can get excited about doing “low light” photography, even with your cell phone. It can be done.

Let’s do an experiment with your phone first. This is to try to find out two things: 1- if your phone can do successful low light photos, and 2- because internally in your phone, the camera shoots with a slow shutter speed because it it low light, if you can hold the camera still enough to get a good sharp photo. If not then you can still do it, if the exposure looks good, you will just need a tripod for cell phones. This will allow you to take a photo with the camera being held steadier than you can do. I think that everyone, who wants to take serious photos, whether with their cell phone or camera should just have a tripod anyway. There are lots of choices with a tripod for cell phones. I have one for each of my cameras, including the cell phone. Spent only $16. (clicking on the words in blue will take you to more information about the product mentioned)

Photo by Thomas Serer on Unsplash

The opportunities will be more plentiful as you we get into the colder months. But, try and see how your photos turn out in low light and if you find them acceptable. It is hard to give you specifics because every cell phone has it’s limitations, and new features that make them work well in low light, but, the key is to try it, and see if it will be blurry if you hand hold it. And if they are blurry, then get a tripod.

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Now, this week’s photos taken from a cell phone:

Photo by Lanny Cottrell

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