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What is the first thing you see when you grab your phone? A “Wallpaper” photo, that either you created or that your phone company had already on there.

What is the purpose of a “Wallpaper Photo”? It is usually either a beautiful photo, or a photo of someone you love.

Here is a few pointers to think about, when getting your “wallpaper” ready for your phone:

1- When you hold your phone in your hands, your pictures are vertical (up and down), not horizontal. So, if you are taking photos of people that you want to look at on your phone, make sure you take pictures of them vertically.

2- If you want to take a photo of landscapes, this time you also would want to do a vertical photo. This is a bit more difficult, because your landscape photos are usually horizontal. When you are looking for a good landscape photo that could go vertical, think of taking a portion of the landscape that looks amazing vertically. Like this:

When thinking of a landscape photo for your smart phone, think of a vertical picture to make it look right. You almost always hole your phone vertically. —— Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

3- When you pick a photo, here is also a good thing to remember. If you have a busy photo, like the trees above, the apps on your phone are hard to read, so, sometimes it’s better to pick a less cluttered photo to go on your wallpaper. Like below:

Photo by Laura Vinck on Unsplash

Or Pick a photo that is nice, but has a single tone to it. Similar to this photo below:

4- So look for subtle type photos for your wallpaper. You will enjoy them more. And if you put people on your wallpaper, is there an app on their face? Perhaps you can adjust that .

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