Great Landscape Photos with your Smart phone :

Great photos with your smart phone, is an easy process and you can get some great photos with your phone, if you follow these steps:

1- Watch your horizon line

The definition of the “horizon” is: where the sky meets the ground. And in Photography, you want that line to be either on the upper third of the photo, or the lower third of the photo. Here are two examples:

Notice this beautiful photo with the horizon line at the top third of the photo. It gives more image in the photo. And it was worth it. Photo by Stephan Zabini on Unsplash
If you happen to have some incredible clouds, or a wonderful sunset, then have your horizon line on the lower third of your picture, to see more of the amazing sky. Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash
2- Timing is everything. Your best photos will be in the “golden hours”

The “Golden Hours” gives you some advantages of light that you don’t get any other time of the day. A- the light is warm, and you get a nice warm glow with the light that is coming, and B- the casting of the shadows is long, creating a more breathtaking photo. Here are some examples of shooting during the “Golden Hours” (Golden hour is defined as 1 hour after sunrise, and 1 hour before sunset):

This photo covers all of the great things of shooting during the “Golden Hour”. See how the trees cast their shadows over the land. Plus, you can see how warm the photo is. Even the grass has a warm green to it. Plus, look what it did to the clouds. An amazing example of shooting during the Golden Hour. Photo by Dawid ZawiƂa on Unsplash
We have seen photos of “horseshoe bend” in the Grand Canyon. But, seeing it at Goldeh Hour, is amazing. Photo by Andreas Selter on Unsplash

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