close up phography of a grey iphone xi
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Today’s smartphone camera systems are amazing! If you look at the newer cameras, they almost always have 2 or 3 lenses built-in to the phone. You can take pictures wide angle (to get all the landscape in), and a telephoto lens so you can get up close, and the “normal” lens, which is the one you would use most of the time. As we look at the newer cameras coming out this next year, you will notice even more lenses built-in.

But the hard part is keeping up to technology is expensive. You have OPTIONS to have even more exciting lenses for your cell phone camera. Let’s take a look:

I want you to click on this: lenses for cell phones. There is so many different ideas of how to put a lens on your cell phone, you will have to look through the many different choices and see which one will work for you.

Click on this video to see what lenses are available:

The above link explained all the different ways to attach lenses to ANY cell phone camera. Watch the video, and then go to this link: lenses for cell phones

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