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Important points on how to protect your smart phone camera :

1- Many of the cellphone companies today, are installing on the front of the phone, a glass made by “Gorilla Glass”. And that is truly an amazing thing that should help keep your phone’s glass from breaking. I said it will help, but, do your put extra protection on your phone’s glass from breaking in case you drop it? Should do it.

Check this out so you can see all the different ways to protect your glass:

glass protectant for cell phones (click on this link)

2- Protect your camera with a “shock absorbing” case. Now, here is going to be the challenge in the near future: As you purchase a new cell phone, you will be asked: “what color would you like your cell phone?” And you will have several choices to make. But, It almost always makes your body cringe when you drop your camera. Please protect it. Maybe get a colored case, or some new style of cases for your phone:

CASES FOR CELL PHONE (Click on this link)

3- This one kills me every time: You now have on your camera: Optical glass for the camera part of your phone. Don’t clean that glass with your shirt, or other pieces of clothing. Get some “Lens Cleaning cloth” to clean your camera glass:

lens cleaning cloth (click on this link).

And, because you are already at, you can go ahead and just purchase these items, once you have linked on to it.

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