As you may soon realize, taking “selfie’s” with your cell phone is not the best way to take photos of you or a small group. They all look the same after while.

If you want to be a real “photographer” with your smart phone, you would try taking your “selfie’s” using a tripod. Take a look at some of these tripods, made just for cell phones:

54″ Cell Phone Tripod with Rechargeable Remote, Aluminum Lightweight Travel Tripod with Extendable Tripod Stand, Phone Holder and Carry Bag, for Cellphones/GoPro/Digital Cameras

Just a note: I know you are thinking tripods are supposed to be sturdy. These tripods are made lighter so you can carry them around easier. And remember, you are not putting on a big huge camera. It’s just the weight of a cell phone. So for $10.99 this is a great deal.

Phone Tripod Stand & Selfie Stick Tripod, Sosirolo 62″ All in One Extendable Cell Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote and Phone Holder, Flexible Cellphone Tripod for iPhone/Android/Camera

With these tripods, your photos will quit looking like “selfie’s” and start looking like real portraits.

I believe all cell phones have a “self timer” in it. Just put the camera on the tripod for cell phones, and frame the image on your phone, and picture where you will be, and then set the self timer, and run around and put yourself in the picture. And now a real nice “selfie”, with some real class!

Now, we want to see your photos that you take with your smart phone or cell phone. Just send your photos to:

It will be fun to see others photos. Let’s do it!


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