DAY 4 – OF THE LAUNCH OF “SMARTPHONE – SMART PHOTOGRAPHER” Plus, learn how to watch your backgrounds!

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Welcome again to the launch or “SMARTPHONE – SMART PHOTOGRAPHER”. You know we love our cell phones. We eat with it, we sleep with it, we take it to work, it has really become a major part of our lives. And now this cell phone of ours is a camera. And, you know the phone manufactures have made it so that these phones take great, great pictures. Most people will never enlarge or make photos to hang on the wall. The resolution of cell phone cameras keeps people away from making enlargements.

However, the regular camera manufactures are constantly improving the overall resolution of their cameras, and so are the cell phone manufactures. So, this cell phone, if you notice, takes amazing photos. My goal in this blog is to help you enjoy taking pictures, and help you make your pictures better.


Sharon Simpson - Zoom-In Designs & Photography - Photograph Editing
Before you snap the photo, looks what’s in the background

This takes practice, to take a moment and look all around your screen and see exactly what you capture on your phone. We get so concentrated about the subject, we fail to look at the clutter in the background.

Mr. Bob's Middle & High School Art Room: Bad Portrait Photography

This girl needs to have corrective surgery, and stop that water spout from coming out of her head. In some cases the background can totally ruin a good photo. Take your time and look at the whole picture. You will be glad you did.

Making a Portrait with Natural Light: Good and Bad Examples - Islandpic
Didn’t see that one happening

So, you looked around and found there is no trees or statues growing out of his head, and then your photo has the big LIGHT coming from behind. How did that happen? Well, that’s a picture you may not notice unless, the first thing you do is to look where the sun is before you take the photo. If it’s behind your person at all, you may just get a light flare like this one above. Be aware of where your light is at all times. Easily fixed by just moving the camera angle.

5 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid When Shooting Portraits | Light Stalking
Poor girl hasn’t got a complete head

One more thing that you need to be aware of, and this again, is just looking at everything in your picture before you take it. But, make sure when you take a picture of people, that they don’t have their heads cut off. She has really nice hair, I think.


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