DAY 3 CELEBRATION OF THE LAUNCH OF THIS WEBSITE: Today, learn about how to photograph “horizons” correctly:

person sitting on rock on body of water
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Day 3 of the launch of this website! Today’s tip on photography is: “HOW TO TAKE A PHOTO OF THE HORIZON, CORRECTLY”:

So far this week, we have been focusing on “composition” and how to use the rules of composition to obtain better photos. If this is your first look at this website, go back and read the other blogs about composition.

What is the definition of “horizon”? In our eye, as a photo, even in art, it is where the land meets the sky. As far as what to do with it, we want to help you make a better choice of WHERE to put your horizon line in photos.

When you are taking a picture of the ocean, or lake, or just scenery in general, we tend to want to put the horizon right down the middle of the photo. Thinking maybe that we get equal sky vs ground. Look at the picture above, and the picture below:

brown field and blue sky
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When taking a photo of scenery, where there is a horizon in it, take a look at your entire photo scene, and determine if the sky is extra amazing, or the foreground. If it’s the sky, then put 2/3 of your sky in the photo. Do NOT put it down the middle. The first photo on this blog today, puts the horizon in the upper third of the photo, while this photo directly above, puts it in the lower third of the photo. Can you see how much nicer that looks? It takes practice to do this, but, be aware next time you take a photo, to choose where you want to put the horizon, instead of just going right down the middle.

silhouette photo of person riding on horse under twilight sky
Photo by Arvind shakya on

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