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This is going to be a unique website for cell phone or smart phone users to learn about how to take pictures with their cell phone. And as we get this rolling this week, we want you to think of some fun pictures you take with your cell phone, because we want to see them!!! We want to see the amazing photo work you do. I am building the link to be able to easily send a photo in for preview. (Of course they have to be cleared first before we publish them).

Along with that, we will be having a daily learning session on how to get better pictures from your smart phone. If you missed the “introductory blog”, then go back to that one for your first “tip” on how to get some good pictures.

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Technology is a bigger thing with cell phones than it has ever been. With today’s advancements, it is important to keep up with the newest Phones or cameras. I’ll go into details about the best phones for camera use, and keep you up to date with the newest phones.

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Plus, there will soon be some interesting way for you to ask questions. Now, on this blog site, we will have a Question and Answer section. Ever wondered how you do certain photography ideas on your cell phone? Now, here is a Question and Answer Section:

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Now, here is our photography tip for the day:

Rule of thirds:

With photography, whether you take pictures with your cell phone or with the more advanced DSLR camera, the rules are the same in composition! And it is just to make your photo look better. Most people, when they understand the rules of composition, are way excited to see how good their photos look.

The rule of thirds is this (and your cell phone may have the option of bringing up a grid on your viewfinder):

When you get ready to take your picture, divide the viewfinder or your screen into thirds, like you see with the grid. If you have a cell phone that puts a grid up for you, then use it. The idea is to put your main subjects into one of the quadrants of the picture, like you see with this dog. It does several things to improve the picture, but, the most important I like about the photo, is that it gives the dog something to look in to. Perhaps the dog or a person, is just enjoying the scenery. Give the animal or person, something to look in to. Try doing a portrait like that:

Photo courtesy of “Photography Talk”

Putting the person into one of the third quadrants makes this portrait look much better than if you just had her in the middle of the picture, looking straight at you.

Photo courtesy of Bidun Art

The head is the most important thing in a portrait. And when you are trying to work with the rule of thirds, then make sure the head is in one of the quadrants. Watch your photos of people change to “amazing” when you apply this rule.

I am currently working on the link to allow you to submit your own photos for display on this site. I will introduce that for you in the next few days.

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